A frustrated wife and mom decides to document her husband's crap. She is joined by several other frustrated bloggers living with packrats and slobs.
Photos document clutter and unfinished chores along with dates in an effort to prove that she is right and he is wrong.
Please do not assume to understand the relationships between the contributors and their spouses based on the content of this blog.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Assvice and Judgmental Biotches

Nobody likes either one, and I've had my fair share here over the years. Even with relatively low traffic and sporadic postings, I still get a few trolls or near trollish comments.

And since I haven't had the time or energy to post an update--the house and yard are still a mess, just better in some areas and worse in others--I'll share some of my favorite comments. But I refuse to link back to anyone--even if they had the guts to post a url.

(I'll get a new post up, when I get a chance to take pictures and upload them.)

Codzilla said...

Wow, for the amount of time and effort it took to document and post this stuff on the web, you could have made a real dent in that mess.

I realize I probably won't see this comment make it past the moderator and there's something to be said for venting, but seriously.....claim one room and tell him ANY crap left in there unattended will be thrown out. Once that is established, reclaim one room at a time until all his crap is in his-only space.

And then, for the sake of your relationship, leave him alone. You will not change him and you will only do damage by invading his space. He's obviously comfortable with this.

You have to admit, at the end you refer to it as "our crap".

Ammie aka Sleeping Mommy said...


Wow for the amount of time and effort it took you to read this post and leave a comment you sure didn't read the top of the page.

Don't assume to understand the relationship I have with my husband based on this blog. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I refuse to treat my husband like a child. It is his house too. I'm not going to throw out his stuff unless it is very clearly trash--and even he won't dispute whether it is trash or not.

I'd do more harm to my relationship by doing that than by posting a few pictures and a description of them in a vent on this blog. Which he knows about and simply rolls his eyes over.

Anonymous said...

I am a million times worse than your husband.

Women see something like 40% more detail than men. that's why insignificant things klike this drive them crazy.

Kiss your hubby and straighten the stuff out if it bothers you so much

Ammie aka Sleeping Mommy said...

I would love to take care of this crap myself, I really would. But its all his and he gets mad if its messed with. I don't know what half of it is and where it needs to go.

And I'm NOT HIS MAID nor am I his mother.

Anonymous said...

you are one selfish woman! Maybe you should read "the proper care and feeding of husbands" by dr. laura your husband would thank you.

Ammie aka Sleeping Mommy said...

Wow, I guess someone doesn't know how to read. Under the header it says:

Please do not assume to understand the relationships between the contributors and their spouses based on the content of this blog.

Furthermore, if you can't let people know who you are, don't leave comments. I thought I had banned those kinds of comments. I'll have to fix that right away. I can't stand cowards.

And another thing. My husband is a grown man. He can pick up after himself. He's not a pet or a child. I am not his maid. Therefore I am quite sure that a book titled the "Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands" is just not for us or our relationship. We are a bit more evolved than that.

ShutUpEd said...

Gee, in the time it took to snap those pictures and do all that complaining, I think you could have cleaned that up that mess instead.

Ammie aka Sleeping Mommy said...

Yeah but then I wouldn't have as much fun giving him a hard time now would I?

The Blogging Gourmet said...

Ummmm... I am sure you are all going to think I am crazy or just a moron, but I would suggest that you all pick up a copy of "The Surrendered Wife"

Maybe if you read it and try employing some of the suggestions your husbands will pick up their stuff and not tune you out when you start nattering.

Ammie aka Sleeping Mommy said...

Hmm, just went to the website for the book and took the relationship quiz:


I scored an 84. The results state:

Your marriage is very intimate and passionate. You found a man you respect, and the two of you have a positive impact on each other. This union is a healthy mix of individuality and togetherness. You're quick to apologize, and he adores you for it."

Blogging Gourmet, please don't assume to understand the relationships we have with our husbands based on this website. I personally choose not to be my husband's maid or his mother, therefore I won't pick up after him. As I have stated in the very first post on this site, I have tried every tactic from the beginning of our marriage from being nice and sweetly reminding him of the things he overlooks or forgets to pick up to nagging him--because he asked me to. The fact is that I expect my husband to respect me and my efforts as a homemaker as well as the environment we are raising our children in. I'll shut up now, as it stands this is long enough to deserve a post of its own.

And now it has one.

~Ammie aka Sleeping Mommy


Chicka said...

LOL! People only see (read) what they want to.

If their lives are so perfect, good for them. In the meantime, we continue with trying to get them to clean up their crap (and the making up afterward.)

Anonymous said...

I think your blog is hilarious and I find it refreshingly honest. The Dr. Laura groupies who write you snarky comments take themselves waayyy too seriously. Long live crap!

Jackie said...

Oh those grumps know it all don't they? I'm sure they're putting up with some other kind of crap. Jackasses. Sounds like mostly men anyway!

WheresMyAngels said...

I just ran across the blog!! lol I just gave away my husband yesterday on my blog!

He knows I blog about him and also rolls his eye's. Now if he could roll his butt in gear and do something around the house. He has FIVE days off every week!

Anonymous said...

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Angel Also a tired mommy said...

it sounds if my husband would get along with your husband very well. My husband likes to start projects and then not finnish for a long time. He also keeps everything witch a lot of it i call JUNK but as you said it is not my place to throw it away i dont know what is gabage or not. I am also NOT HIS MOTHER OR MAID. He is not a baby his arms are not broken so he is able to pick up after himself. I thankyou for your blog. It is nice to know i am not the only one going through this. And for the people who like to just tell someone they are in the wrong must not know what it is like to be in the situation or were tought to be a slave to there husband. Which i always say we are in the 21st centery not the 19th.