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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Ding Dong, the Truck is GONE!

As promised, pictures of the departure of the old truck:




It seems weird having so much space in the driveway now. I'll get used to it! :)



Sleeping Mommy said...

Woohoo! The truck is not only dead but now it's finally gone!

I soooooo feel your joy, woman. Someday maybe I will get to be rid of the crap in our driveway that belongs to my husband, or at least it might be out of sight. That would work for me.

warcrygirl said...

All the damn thing needed was a new water pump and BIL could put that in. Hubby just hates working on vehicles. Of course he hates cutting the grass and taking out the trash, et al so I'm not surprised.

And now Hubby can park his "new" truck in the driveway! All the way! WEEEEEE!!!!!!

pantrygirl said...


I'm surprised I didn't see you running out there with streamers and confetti!

warcrygirl said...

Oh I was tempted; trust me. To make the deal even sweeter Hubby took the boys with him when he took the truck to BIL's house. Nap time!!!