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Monday, January 29, 2007

A solution in sight?

Could it be? After all this time, and my near complete despair of ever making any progress with the man, there may be a solution in site when it comes to my husband's crap.

Keep your fingers crossed for us. The solution involves moving to a "new" (to us) home, with a lot more space. We have one in mind and are hoping (desperately) that it is meant to be and will work out. However if its not this particular house we will keep looking and working on the finances so we can get the right one when it comes along.

The one we are looking at requires a great deal of work. Some of it cosmetic, some of it a more in depth remodel. However the potential is nearly-endless (to us) with this particular home. It has four bedrooms! Two and half baths! A garage! And drum roll please....a room on the first floor that will serve beautifully as an office--complete with a DOOR!

However, it could be that this one is not meant for us. It could get snatched out from under us--but we are hoping the work the house needs will be a deterrent to anyone looking at it.

So this is an official call for your fingers to be crossed for us. Even though I know I'll be cursing the work we have to put into it, once we get it done it would so be worth it.

And whats even more important, he would have NO excuse at all for leaving his crap lying around where people can see it. We would have an office and a garage and eventually a shop that it could all go to. NO EXCUSE!

~Sleeping Mommy


Cyclothymic Cister said...

I will keep all my fingers and toes crossed for you!

cyclothymic cister

hongcgi said...

I wish happiness to you .

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

Habits are like comfortable beds.
Easy to get into, difficult to get out of.

If there's clutter now, there will be clutter later, even when there's more room to put it. It won't solve the problem, there will just be more potential for more clutter. From what you've written, I'm thinking there's a deeper problem there that doesn't have anything to do with the clutter.

I wish you the best.