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Monday, May 16, 2005

Dead, Broken, Beat-up

Dead: the mini.
The mini is the car I bought for Peter in 2001 as a birthday present. It's an antique, and as its name suggests, it's quite small. Anyway, fast-forward four years and $7000.00 later on rims and tires and paints and other assorted restoration shit and it's nothing but a cute small car in our driveway. Sitting there. Dead.

Broken: the lawnmower
Did he break the lawnmower on purpose? Somehow I think my suspicions are true. It's embarassing to have lawn this high and our neighbors are probably calling us 'the slackers' .

Beat-up: my husband
He's gonna get a knuckle sandwich if this shit doesn't get settled pretty soon.


warcrygirl said...

Sounds like your hubby's dead mini could fit into the bed of my hubby's dead truck!

Don't get any funny ideas...LOL

Arethusa said...

Whoa. Still shocked at how much he spent ona dead mini. :o

Sleeping Mommy said...

Your husband and mine would get along famously.

Wish I had a solution.