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Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Old Truck


My name is Tanya (warcrygirl) and here's my contribution to My Husband's Crap.

I don't know if this qualifies or not, but this is my husband's old truck. It was having overheating issues for a while which my husband remedied by pouring water into the radiator to flush it out. Eventually it just up and died on him prompting us to buy a new truck (grrr!). He keeps telling me he's going to get the truck up and running soon. I don't know why.

The damage you see is from where he was moving the truck back onto the driveway (after one of his flushings) and with the driver's side door open he backed up and caught a small tree with the driver's side door. The tree pushed the driver's side door forward and shattered the driver's side window. Of course my first reaction was to point and bray like a donkey; the neighbors just laughed politely and pretended not to see the whole thing.

Hubby was not pleased.

So here it sits, a tribute to White Trash everywhere nestled securely in my driveway. My FIL has promised to tow it away to White Trash Land (a collection of crap in his back yard out in the country) but has yet to get it done.



Sleeping Mommy said...

This definitely qualifies.

warcrygirl said...

Cool! Now if he'd just get rid of it...

Chicka said...

Welcome aboard warcrygirl! That most defintely qualifies as Husband's Crap. (Glad it's your husband rather than mine, though. Mine has enough crap!)

warcrygirl said...

Thanks for the welcome, Goob! I have other pics to take...yet I manage to ignore my desk. Perhaps I should make a post on myself?

Naw! ;)

p.s. sorry the pics are loading so slowly...Boomspeed must be down.