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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Where the hell did that kayak come from?


Just to introduce myself - I'm Jen14221 and I'm 35. I'm a mom to baby Will and a wife to Peter. Peter has loads of crap. Tons. Enormous amounts.

When I first met and dated and eventually married the man, we lived in Boston. In teensey-weensey little apartments. There was crap galore but it was somehow contained.

About six months ago we moved to the Buffalo area and now we have a nice big house and a driveway and Oh My God a garage. In Boston, no one has a garage. You have to park on the street, and get dinged up and broken into. And that sucks.

So now I have a nice big garage. Where Peter likes to keep his crap. And there's no room for my car.

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There's the refrigerator - see it in the back? - that he has promised (six months now) to bring down to the basement so I can actually use it. See those boxes? Been there since NOVEMBER. The kayak is a new one. Just installed onto the garage floor a few days ago.



Sleeping Mommy said...

Glad to have you on board Jen.

I often wish I had a garage for my husband to "install" his crap in. At least it wouldn't be in the house. Of course he has a nice shop out back and huge storage "barn" but to take stuff out there requires effort. :)

Judy said...

I think I'm willing to rent a storage unit for the crapola, just so I can get to MY crapola!

pantrygirl said...

Maybe your husband felt the fridge needed some company. lol.
Did he ever tell you about the kayak or did he just plop it in there without notice?

Chicka said...

Basements and garages are well known crap storage areas. Unfortunatley that just leaves more room in the house for more crap to collect.

Next garbage day, take pictures of his crap you toss to the curb and as soon as the weather here warms up, I'll do the same!

Arethusa said...

lol, ok this one made me laugh because here you are, finally a garage to keep your car nice and cosy in, but instead there's a KAYAK, a fridge and some boxes.

I'm with goob, wait for warmer weather and them dump it!