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Photos document clutter and unfinished chores along with dates in an effort to prove that she is right and he is wrong.
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Friday, January 20, 2006

Nature is a bitch and so am I

It's been months since I posted anything here. I mean what was the point? He didn't care. It didn't seem to make a difference and to be quite frank, he's wearing me down people.

You heard me right. I'm turning to the dark side. I've given in and admitted defeat. Well, maybe not quite yet.

I think we've hit an all time low around here. I have photos of the clutter to post but really what is the point? I'll just end up picking it up or yelling at him until he does it anyway.

I already cleaned up this mess:

He's taken care of some of this (he's not responsible for the ceramics/bisque and paint supplies) since I nagged him about it incessentantly:

This crap? This crap is still there minus the cardboard box. When will he figure out my kitchen counter is not storage for his tools?

But this takes the cake:

That's a dead Beta folks. It's been there for over a month. I asked him very nicely to remove it because I always have to do the gross stuff around here. He's been promising for a month he would take care of it.


~Sleeping Mommy


Zee said...

Girlfriend... I don't blame you for not taking care of it.

You need a hug.

Sheri said...

Poor beta fish! I wish he would do what he says he's going to. GRRRRRRRR

Chicka said...

Aw - he needs to give that fish a proper burial. (I caved in this week and did some cleaning, too. Man we're just getting sucked over to the darkside is right.)

Maman said...

I did that a couple of months ago with a mouse trap. Check that trap, honey was the refrain everyday for a week... by the end of the week... he got mouse soup... YUCK... and the smell? Trust me, when they say that death has its own smell... they ain't lying! Goood luck.

Btw, don't you think we need a corallary site called My Kids Are Pigs?

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

my husband has a stack of hockey magazines he refused to throw out that are now just old and mouldy, what is it with men?
came here via your other blog.

consise10 said...

Wow! why don`t you show him the back of your shoe ? Seriously,has he seen your blog and everything you say here ? He ought to be red faced!!

Every time I read this blog I know I`ll get a good laugh from it.Thankyou ;--)

debbiecakes said...

And I thought my clutter issues were bad....What the hell is a beta??? And doesn't kinda, well, smell?

MommC said...

A large garbage bin and an economy sized box of Glad garbage bags work wonders! At first I used to bag the crap and hide it in the back of the garage until he asked for something that was on the *wherever*. Finally I threw out a bag on collection day that had some beloved and expensive tools in it that had resided where he'd dropped them for weeks.
He freaked! But now he puts his tools away 'cause he knows I'm serious.
You might want to try it! It works!

Chicka said...

Hey, I think Gretchen's onto something.

I think I'll get started on that! MYKIDSAREPIGS.COM Bwa ha ha haaaaaaaa....

Holly said...

OMG... this site is TOO funny!!!

The dead beta is disgusting. I would refuse too SM!

Next time I can get a good picture of my husband's junk pile, I think I will join you all in this fun.

KatKit13 said...


wanna bet he takes care of it immediately? ;)

Kat (an old friend of the goob)

JessiferSeabs said...

OMG< this is the BEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN. I love this blog.

I'm totally taking pictures of my boyfriend's crap (we live together), and ladies, I garantee you that NOTHING on here (except maybe the month old dead fish) compares to what is going on in my basement and garage. There are seriously enough car parts in both places to build like 9 cars from scratch. The garage has a totaled Saab in it that boyfriend bought off ebay for $200 and then had to drive to CT to buy (we live in MN). I'm at my wits end, it's like throwing out a receipt from 10 years ago makes him go entire postal. I'm so scared we're going to end up on Oprah as one of those scary compulsive-hoarding people where they have to do interventions because the lady won't throw away last year's pizza boxes.


fedup said...

Hurray!!!! I feel like I found my support group. I'm going to have the "you better help me around the house talk or I might as well live alone" talk this evening. I had it two years ago and it's completely worn off.

Have any of you tried this? Did it work?

wish me luck