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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Can the Coffee Cans

He did it again. I tossed an empty coffee can in the trash, hiding it inside an empty cat food bag that was destined for the curb. Evidently Dear Husband found the can and took it out of the trash because the coffee can was sitting on the kitchen counter AFTER the garbage truck had come and gone. I picked up the can, handed it to DH and said, "Please take this to the garage with the others." He said, "You weren't supposed to see that." I said, "Neither were you." He said, "I only have three--three dozen." He said, "Someday you'll thank me when you need one."
Hmmm. Wonder when that will be? When I need a place to store his ashes? (Just kidding).

cyclotymic cister


Chicka said...

You said that and you were kidding? You're more a woman than I.

I keep telling Mike they're going to have to find his mummified corpse in the river. He makes great fishing lures. *snort*

consise10 said...

Does he collect alluminium or something and then cash it all in,or is he a horde and cant bear to part with things? Counselling as you mentioned in a future post ahead of this one is a good start.I wish you and he every luck in working through "the mess".
Your blog and the way you express yourself always gets me laughing!

Cyclothymic Cister said...

consise10: Thanks for dropping by. No, my husband doesn't cash in his "collection" of junk. He just hordes. Counselling has been helping me. He has not gone yet, as work has been too busy, but I will hold him to it.
Thanks for the compliment on my writing. That means a lot coming from a writer like yourself.