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Photos document clutter and unfinished chores along with dates in an effort to prove that she is right and he is wrong.
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Saturday, April 30, 2005

At this point

I just want the lawn mowed and cleaned up and the branches hauled off from his trimming the tree last week.

Its bad enough that I've had someone stop by nearly every other day looking for a job mowing our lawn. We are that neighbor on the block. Again.

I'd also just like to have him home. This past two weeks of working 15 and 16 hour days has been rough on him, the kids and me. Having him not here and not making a mess is not worth not having him here. You know?

I miss my partner and friend. But not my husband's crap.

~Sleeping Mommy


Sheri said...

Youre' right. It's not worth it. I would rather have my hubby and all his faults than to not have him at all.

Sleeping Mommy said...

But hey, if he's gonna string his crap all over then his having a sense of humor about this blog is a plus. ;)

Chicka said...

Yeah, you say that now... Hee hee. (You know I'm kidding).

If we didn't have them around making a mess, we'd have to find something else to blog about. LOL!

Here's hoping he's home more (with less mess) soon!

Barbara said...

Holy crap!
My ex was messy too; still is. He would leave dishes until they grew mould. Before we separated there was a wall three feet deep and 2 feet wide all the way around our bedroom. We were not able to enter our livingroom for an entire year because of all his junk. Our car had shit piled up to the seats and the kids had to be lifted in and over the garbage.
My heart goes out to you because everyone blamed ME for being a sloppy housekeeper. I blamed me too.