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Monday, April 11, 2005

The Post From Sleeping Mommy That Started It.

What do you all think? I'm threatening to start a second blog.

It would be devoted to my husband. To his lack of follow through on picking up his crap around here. I would post pictures daily of the items he strings through the house. I would document their positions daily with photographs until they are returned to their rightful place--or at least not in the house if that's where they don't belong.

An example:

These shirts were placed on this half-wall between the kitchen and living room on Friday evening (you know, that day I spent working so hard to get the house clean.) His excuse? He was going to see if his friend who was visiting on Saturday and Sunday wanted them. Obviously he didn't want them. They are still in the same place today. So that's Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday all in the same place.
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These items have been moved to the front porch by me. Simply to keep them out of the children's reach. They are work and shop items. They do not belong on the dining room table. And they don't belong on the front porch either, however I had to remove them to keep the children out of anymore trouble then they had already gotten into. These items have been on the table since at least Sunday afternoon and are now on the porch. Still not where they belong.
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This item is my husband's toy. It's a dehydrator. He used it a week ago. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say last Monday (even though I'm thinking it was the weekend). He made his beef jerky, which he is very stingy in sharing by the way. Now he has to wash it. It takes up too much room in the dishwasher. It takes two loads by itself. I'm not washing it. That is his job. I reminded him this morning. It has been on the counter for a week as of today. The coke sitting next to it has been there since Friday. It is unopened. He put it in the freezer and forgot it, then took it out and left it to thaw. Pretty sure it's thawed by now.
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One of my beloved kitchen towels. He's ruined nearly every single one. He thinks they are his personal napkins and rags. This one has been on the living room floor since yesterday that I know of.
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Boxers. They went to the bathroom floor this morning after his shower. They will be joined by at least four more pair this week, each pair getting shoved underneath the edge of the bathroom counter until I finally tell him to pick them up. Let's see how long it takes without me saying anything, shall we?
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I warned him it would come to this if he didn't start picking these things up in a timely manner. After five years of this nonsense, with me trying every tactic I can think of with limited, moderate, yet not entirely satisfying, results this is my next step. I've asked nicely and gotten no where but "in a minute" and "I'll get to it" and "I'm sorry, I forgot, but I'll do it later." He's told me to nag him about these things because he has a bad memory. And when I do nag, he gets mad. So I have decided that if I have to deal with this at least I should get some blog fodder out of it. Don't you agree? And if you don't agree now is not the time to step forward and say so. Just nod and smile. That's it. You've got the right idea.

So what do you all think? Should I start a whole blog simply devoted to this subject? I'd link it here of course. Or I could keep it here.

Can you tell I'm irritated right now? I seriously need Calgon at this point to take me away. But yeah, those moments are few and far between. Better yet, Calgon can come take Snoring Daddy and the kids away, while I crawl into bed and read a good novel in between naps.

Just for a day or two, I'm not that heartless.

~Sleeping Mommy

I started the blog. This is it. This post was copied and pasted from my original blog.

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Carson said...

Oh my sweet Lord, I can't show this to my husband, or he will get ideas. I'm the slob around here.