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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Did you all know?

It's the great mofo delurk day? See, there's a button and everything.

The Great Mofo Delurk 2007

It's as good a day as any to update. I have no pictures to post at the moment. The past several months have been busy but the new house is finally moved into and unpacked. I even got my husband to help me clean up the garage of all his crap a couple of weekends ago! I missed a great posting opportunity. I should have taken a picture so everyone could appreciate the improvement. We can actually park a car in our two car garage now. Notice I said A car. Not cars. We have quite a bit still stored in the garage. There's almost room for a second car but the christmas tree box is huge, dude, and we refuse to haul it and the rest of the Christmas decorations upstairs to the attic.

We finally got a dog fence built and installed an electric fence around the perimeter last weekend courtesy of the wonderful Sherry of If it's not one thing it's your mother, one of our contributors here at My Husband's Crap. Her dog is now "too fat to get under the fence" at her house and when she heard all our troubles keeping our dogs inside of our's she volunteered their electric fence. Bless her. It's working so far! Thank you thank you thank you!

Right now I'm praying for a cold snap to stop the growth of the grass. I had to mow our lawn the week before last using a push lawn mower. It took me five hours over the course of three days that week to get everything mowed. I don't want to have to do that again this year. But if it keeps growing I probably will because I doubt my husband is going to get the shredded tires replaced on the 1979 John Deere lawn tractor--which would probably shorten the length of time it takes to mow the lawn by half of what it took with the push mower. But we need money for that and we just don't have it to spare right now. So push lawn mower it will be. Again--barring a good old fashioned deep freeze real soon.

Well, as Al Roker would say, That's what's happenin' in our neck of the woods. I'll try to get some pictures the next time I'm irritated with the clutter and mess around here. But these days, I have to admit, that's not so much my husband's crap as my kids' being pigs. So I'd better post that over at My Kids are Pigs instead.

~Sleeping Mommy


Chicka said...

Yes, we could've done a comparison (and it might've sparked some competition over here...oh who am I kidding. HAH!)

I seriously have to get TFB to get some of his mess taken care of - or threaten the pictures. It's just crazy. We can't park even one car in our garage, and never could. How sad is that? LOL!

April said...

I LOVE this blog. I just discovered it today when googleing how to deal with your husband's clutter. By the way, Happy (early) Birthday! My son's birthday is tomorrow.

We too are moving to a new (bigger) house and I have been doing all the packing because my husband's job is keeping him so busy. I am also 6 months pregnant. I have been throwing out tons of his crap because if I have to go through it instead of him - I get to make the decision of what goes and what stays!!!

It has been very entertaining to read this blog. Please keep it up! Oh, and I love the pictures too.